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Death By Tampon Bang Bang Bang!
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Wednesday, September 5th, 2007
1:15 am
Monday, June 18th, 2007
12:17 pm
thanks to francis and trish i am happy to announce that after years and years our first single is now on NU! yay!!!!!!!!

so please vote for it!!!!

send NUVOTE KINDERPOP to 29107

thats NUVOTE-space-KINDERPOP to 29107

yay yay yippie yay!

thank you raimund jason and shinji for helping us get that song on a cd. hehe.
Wednesday, December 6th, 2006
1:20 pm
hello!? ako pa ba ang bassist ng death by tampon??
 ano na mangyayari sa 9? tutugtog ba tayo? isn't gini available on the 9th?
i was textin mich kanina, baka nakalimutan nyo rin we're playing the lantern parade concert. remember?  ang date ay dec 15. friday. anong time nyo gusto call time? 9pm-2am ang concert. wala daw si mich on that day 11 pm pa daw sha makakabalik from hong kong. are we gonna wait for her, or tuloy nalang without her?

rin call me.
goldie what's your cellphone number?
Friday, September 15th, 2006
12:28 am
lara's last gig
hey guys, lara's last gig is this friday sept 15, and it is also the last episode of sib's show. so please come and watch and let's give lara (and sib) some love.

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Wednesday, August 30th, 2006
9:55 pm
riverbanks super gig on saturday.
death by tampon on saturday in riverbanks. La Mesa Jam shit. please come and watch us. it should be fu.n.
watch or i'll go medieval on ya with a meat cleaver. see ya.

Current Mood: freezing hot.
Thursday, August 17th, 2006
1:17 am
Friday, July 28th, 2006
12:21 pm
Thursday, January 1st, 1970
11:34 pm
Death By Tampon gigs:

Friday July 7
College of Human Kinetics
UP Diliman

Saturday July 8
Guilly's Bar near Abs Cbn
SMB 80's bar tour with Death By Tampon and Orange and Lemons!
come in your 80's gear!

also soon,

Tuesday July 11
FA fresh meet
Fine Arts, UP Diliman

Tuesday July 18
Student Disco
10 pm

hope to see you there!

mich !
Thursday, May 11th, 2006
4:19 am
birthday gig
May 13, 2006
Big Sky Mind

Death By Tampon
Twisted Halo
Blast Ople

80 bucks at the door
(unless the door bitches Rik and Mia know we are friends.)

Do it!
DBTs last gig until we finish recording so goooooooooooo
Tuesday, April 25th, 2006
5:06 pm
2 DBT gigs tonight
Lets Bang Bang!

930 pm at 6underground
1130 pm at Saguijo

Loves it!
Tuesday, April 18th, 2006
3:38 am
paalala lang po
rin laurie lara goldie mich (siempre kasama ako)

April 18, 2006
Tuesday 6pm
at Goldie's house!

tampon attendance is a must!
if you are absent you must bang bang the chiara dog in goldies house!

ok cool

and for non tampons, come to student disco at saguijo tuesday 10 pm!
with blast ople, pedicab, etc etc etc
hosted by me and a secret surprise guest! hehe
Sunday, April 9th, 2006
3:08 am

alas it is holy week, family week and rest week but for the love of god can we please meet up and properly get our act together and practice and jam after this? :)

i know that we are all busy with our respective lives but before there was once a time when we committed to 2 hours a week and were very productive. pwede ba nating seriosohin yung plans natin na ibalik yun? hehehe. i know that you all secretly share my sentiments somewhere within you, its just that aminin, we never follow up and act on our plans toward world domination (hello, where is our album?)

claro ko lang na this is not a fight post this is a please guys lets make music post! XP

wala lang! dami kong ideas and we never finished the last song we jammed and im sure marami din kayong ideas. dont you miss it? just being noisy girls and dancing to seduce lara? i know you do!! kaya tara naaaaaaaaaa!! also we need to talk about a lot of things coming our way.

please guys i beg of you. i have a fashion show coming up and 2 major shoots to plan before leaving for london in august but by all means i am willing to face weeks of sleeplessness para lang makasama ko kayo.

lets volt in!

and to clarify our CONFIRMED gig skeds

April 21 - rin gig
April 25 - saguijo lagari 6 underground gig (Tama ba?)
May 6-8 baguio gig (please keep may 9 free also, libre ko kayo baguio for my birthday :) )

may mga iffy gig skeds pa tayo pero i will bring this up on our first practice so you will all be forced to see me! :)

FYI i am in bora for work from april 28-may 1 so i cant gig that weekend :)


love love love and marriage,
Saturday, March 25th, 2006
10:11 pm
the march 30 gig in timog has been moved to the 31st so nagback out na ako since may sigaw ni maria tayo.


Sigaw Ni Maria Clara
March 31st, in the Rajah Suleman square, Manila.
Bazaars start at 3p and the shows will start at 7p.
Proceeds will go the Correctional
Institute for Women, and the entire thing is FREE.

8:00 ・8:10 pm = 2 POETS
8:10 ・8:25 pm = KAREL
8:25 ・8:35 pm = 2 POETS
8:35 ・8:50 pm = THE DORQUES
8:50 ・9:00 pm = 3 POETS
9:00 ・9:15 pm = MOJOFLY
9:15 ・9:30 pm = NARDA
9:30 ・9:45 pm = PARAMITA
9:45 ・10:00 pm = UP DHARMA DOWN
10:00 ・10:30 pm = CYNTHIA ALEXANDER
10:30 ・10:45 pm = CAMBIO
10:45 ・11:00 pm = KATE TORRALBA
11:00 - 11:15 pm = AIZA SIGUERRA
11:15 ・11:30 pm = NYKO MACA
11:30 ・11:45 pm = DRIP
11:45 ・12:00 am = ISHA
12:00 ・12:15 am = SCANDALS
12:15 ・12:30 am = IMAGO
12:30 ・12:45 am = APRIL VILLANUEVA
12:45 ・1:00 am = CHERRY CORNFLAKES
1:00 ・1:15 am = THE LATE ISABEL
1:15 ・1:30 am = REKLAMO
1:30 ・1:45 am = PINOYSTORIES
1:45 ・2:00 am = DEATH BY TAMPON
2:15 ・2:30 am = MATILDA
2:30 ・2:45 am = SAYDIE
2:45 ・3:00 am = COCOJAM

POETS: (approx time)
Kooky Tuason 5 min
Anabel Bosch 5 min
Karen Kunawicz 5 min
Kathy Chua Chiaco 5 min
Adelle Victoria 5 min
Charms (matilda) 5 min
Kaz Castillo 5 min
Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006
10:21 am

i miss you all ! :(

anyway here is to inform you about our gig in baywalk on march 31

when i signed the contract fixed na yung lineup , so i couldnt negotiate, may big time program daw before the bands e

we are scheduled to play from 2:00-2:15 AM

and we are required to be there one hour early.

if i am not replying to your text messages it is simply because my rotten celphone is failing me as usual ..

it was run over by a care but is still intact ( but that is another story, to be reserved for when i can see you guys in the flesh)

see you guys real soon!


Current Mood: gig! gig!
Monday, March 20th, 2006
4:47 pm
dbt gigs
ok guys, balik na sa band talk. sheesh, namiss ko na mag post ng ganito. a bit of a refresher after all those tibak posts ko hahahaha :p

here are a list of gig skeds na na-offer satin for the month of april:

this is a bar tour organized by kinky hooters
april 1 chakiks (ok tong place na to along julia vargas ortigas)
april 8 gweilos libis
april 28 gweilos makati
tong gig na to may budget, hati hati bands sa gate at eto yung magandang incentive sakin: may free 1 case ng beer bawat band
haha! miss ko na uminom with you guys! tamang bonding after the hiatus and the pbb gulo :) lemme know kung alin dito pwede kayo so i can tell the organizer na!

may invite tayo sa isang south gig. fund raiser siya para sa isang skate park sa paranaque so mga punks at skaters ang nandun. lemme know kung gusto niyo! fund raiser to so im not sure kung may budget pero tingnan ko kung manegotiate ko kahit gas money kung gusto niyo mag play dito :)

sa mar30 gig, teka san pala yun? para maisip ko kung gano kalapit siya from where i am sa gabing yun.

hoi, basahin niyo to! walang subersibong churva to. masaya lang! hehe! reply asap gehls. miss ko na kayo! muah! :)
Thursday, March 9th, 2006
12:59 am
March 8 is International Womens Day. And the month of March is womens month.

Liberation of women can only happen when we liberate women from the stereotype of how they should behave. Let us not allow society to dictate or impose the norm unto us but liberate ourselves to think and act on what we deem right as individuals.

I'll be performing at the Romancing Venus 2 Launch on Thursday, March 9 7pm at Lulu Castagnette, Park Square, Makati. (hopefully accompanied by Goldie and Laurie)
Romancing Venus 2 is a collection of spoken word performances of Kooky Tuason's poetry by women in various fields. I am fortunate to be included in the roster of artists along with Karel Marquez, Ala Paredes, Loren Legarda, etc.

Please come, lets celebrate femininity!
Wednesday, March 8th, 2006
4:09 am
oh my god its chaos in here.

im so sorry, tampons sa gulo na nagyayari.
i never expected anything of this sort to happen.

para sa akin naman,
im lucky to have friends as bold, opinionated and caring as my bandmates.
everyone is entitled to their own opinions. and that was theirs. and im proud that they had the guts to voice out their true opinions at nagpakatutoo sila. that on its own is something to commend.

as far as im concerned, honestly, i dont give a shit about how people judge me or perceive me, because like i said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. love me or hate me, it doesnt matter. at the end of the day i know that i stayed true to myself and thats all i care about. people cant grasp my entire persona in an hours show, even friends and relatives who have known me for years cant figure me out and i dont expect anyone to. i know that who i was in the time that i spent in that house does not define my entire persona and if i have been judged or misjudged for it then so be it. paninindigan ko kung ano ang ginawa ko dun. if i was misrepresented there (which i dont know is true or not because i wasnt able to see how i was portrayed or projected on tv) then so be it, it really does not bother me because in the show, outside ther show, whenever, i do what i feel, and if its wrong to express what is true then bastardize me, call me a brat, baboy, O.A., epal, chuva choo choo chuk chak , KEBS!!!! wala akong pakialam because i know in my heart that i did everything sincerely and all i did was be myself without plastikan or pretentions. what matters is that i know that i stayed true to myself, stood up for things i believed in, and as far as i'm concerned thats all that matters to me.

what does bother me is seeing my bandmates and people i love affected.

each person is different. may kanya kanyang perception ang bawat tao.
respeto nalang sa bawat trip ng bawat tao.

lara, rin, goldie and laur, i love you for being the true and caring friends that you are and im sorry if the paths that i chose have affected you. thank you for being true and for standing up for me and yourselves as friends. we dont need to defend ourselves for the choices and things that we do in life and the opinions we possess as individuals because we dont need to prove ourselves to anyone. if you have dont what has felt right to you then nothing else matters. lets not allow ourselves to be affected. we've always stood up for what we believed in and this is just another one of those things. alam kong hindi madali maging kaibigan ko dahil sa isa akong pasaway (haha) so thanks for standing by me and bearing with the bullshit that comes with being my friend.

friends, wag nang ipalaki ang issue na to. the debates are never going to end, seriously. we've all said our points and kanya kanya tayong target market (haha). you cant please everyone. lets just live, learn and let go.

ayaw nyo sa kanila? di huwag! ayaw nyo sa akin? sige lang! basta ako mahal na mahal ko sila and i would never trade them for anyone else.


thats all, i thank you.

your number one KFC este KSP vocalist designer and now pseudo celebrity friend,

Current Mood: krazileh!
Tuesday, February 28th, 2006
2:21 am
para sa ikabubuti ng lahat
ngayon ko lang nabasa yung previous thread dito. di ko akalain na hahaba siya ng ganun. hahahaha. may mga nakapentrate pa.ako kasi gusto ko na palipasin, tapus na e. tama na. kaya lang lumalaki na, hindi na tama to.
tama siya. OA na.
nung nagsusulat kami dito, buhay na buhay yung galit namin. may karapatan naman kami siguro magsulat sa sarili naming blog ang mga nararamdaman namin, tama man o mali, dahil entitled kami dito, the same way that particular station has been exercising its freedom. the same way all of you who posted are.

so again, para lang malinaw. galit ako (speaking for myself alone, this time)sa abs, una, dahil pinabayaan nilang mamatay ang halos 75 na inosenteng mahihirap. sila ang organizers. para saken sila ang dapat managot. kung ikaw ba mag organize ng ganyan kalaking event, hindi ba dapat ikaw ang managot? bakit ang pulp, nagawa naman nila ng maayos. e masmayaman sila sa pulp. walang excuse excuse. patay na e. alangan namang magsampa pa sila ng kaso.
dumagdag na lang yung pbb. (again, i speak for myself alone) ayoko na actually pansinin, pero ang sakit kasi para saken bilang isang kaibigan. isipin mo kaibigan mo sinisiraan in public ng hindi nya alam. pakiintindi na lang. lahat ng ginawa namin ay dahil sa pagkakaibigan. wala nang ibang dahilan. OA na kung OA. kahit ba siya yung nagpasok sa sarili nya dun. ganun talaga e. mahal namin sha.
sila po ang naginterview samen. hindi kami ang lumapit sa kanila.
yung sa nagmura ako, hindi naman ako yung pumayag na i-air yun. so wala na saken dapat yun. they asked for our message, we gave them our message. tapos.

lahat ito ay opinyon ko bilang isang indibidwal.

kung gusto nyo mag react dito, ako na tirahin nyo wag na po yung banda ko. hindi na nga lang ako magrereply kasi ayoko na. tapos na. bumalik na tayo sa mga buhay at trabaho natin. ang daming masmalaking problema na kailangan natin pagaksayahan ng pagod. salamat.

lahat ng opinyon ninyo ay rinerespeto namin, OA man o hindi, kung gusto nyo man kami o hindi, kung narinig o napanood nyo na kami tumugtog o hindi. kaya sana pareho rin. ok nga yan e. kahit band blog lang to biglang may mga napaguusapang non-band issues. hinay hinay lang mga kapatid.


gusto lang namin gumawa ng kanta at tumugtog. ok?


Friday, February 24th, 2006
10:30 pm
11:36 am
hey gurls,

i think you guys need to check this out..

what a bunch of fuckin losers!


i applaude you guys for what you did last nite!

paglaban niyo si dulce!

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