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oh my god its chaos in here.

im so sorry, tampons sa gulo na nagyayari.
i never expected anything of this sort to happen.

para sa akin naman,
im lucky to have friends as bold, opinionated and caring as my bandmates.
everyone is entitled to their own opinions. and that was theirs. and im proud that they had the guts to voice out their true opinions at nagpakatutoo sila. that on its own is something to commend.

as far as im concerned, honestly, i dont give a shit about how people judge me or perceive me, because like i said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. love me or hate me, it doesnt matter. at the end of the day i know that i stayed true to myself and thats all i care about. people cant grasp my entire persona in an hours show, even friends and relatives who have known me for years cant figure me out and i dont expect anyone to. i know that who i was in the time that i spent in that house does not define my entire persona and if i have been judged or misjudged for it then so be it. paninindigan ko kung ano ang ginawa ko dun. if i was misrepresented there (which i dont know is true or not because i wasnt able to see how i was portrayed or projected on tv) then so be it, it really does not bother me because in the show, outside ther show, whenever, i do what i feel, and if its wrong to express what is true then bastardize me, call me a brat, baboy, O.A., epal, chuva choo choo chuk chak , KEBS!!!! wala akong pakialam because i know in my heart that i did everything sincerely and all i did was be myself without plastikan or pretentions. what matters is that i know that i stayed true to myself, stood up for things i believed in, and as far as i'm concerned thats all that matters to me.

what does bother me is seeing my bandmates and people i love affected.

each person is different. may kanya kanyang perception ang bawat tao.
respeto nalang sa bawat trip ng bawat tao.

lara, rin, goldie and laur, i love you for being the true and caring friends that you are and im sorry if the paths that i chose have affected you. thank you for being true and for standing up for me and yourselves as friends. we dont need to defend ourselves for the choices and things that we do in life and the opinions we possess as individuals because we dont need to prove ourselves to anyone. if you have dont what has felt right to you then nothing else matters. lets not allow ourselves to be affected. we've always stood up for what we believed in and this is just another one of those things. alam kong hindi madali maging kaibigan ko dahil sa isa akong pasaway (haha) so thanks for standing by me and bearing with the bullshit that comes with being my friend.

friends, wag nang ipalaki ang issue na to. the debates are never going to end, seriously. we've all said our points and kanya kanya tayong target market (haha). you cant please everyone. lets just live, learn and let go.

ayaw nyo sa kanila? di huwag! ayaw nyo sa akin? sige lang! basta ako mahal na mahal ko sila and i would never trade them for anyone else.


thats all, i thank you.

your number one KFC este KSP vocalist designer and now pseudo celebrity friend,
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